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    Why buy Canadian Diamond Jewellery?

    While looking for the perfect piece of jewellery, have you considered buying a Canadian diamond? Canadian diamonds were first discovered in the Northwest Territories in 1991 and have grown in popularity worldwide, over the last quarter century. Here are some of the main reasons people prefer to buy Canadian diamond jewellery.

    1. Certified Place of Origin
    2. Quality of Diamonds
    3. Ethically Sourced
    4. Environmental Protections
    5. Supports Canadian industries

    Certified Place of Origin

    Every Canadian diamond must be laser inscribed with a unique serial number that can be viewed under magnification and is registered with the Canadian Code of Conduct. These serial numbers act as the diamonds’ birth certificate, tracing them all the way back to the mine from which they came. This traceability, among many things ensures that the stones used in your Canadian diamond jewellery were formed naturally in Canada’s majestic North.

    Quality of Diamonds

    Just like the Great White North implies, the majority of diamonds mined in Canada are known for their near colourless appearance. With diamond colour being one of the main purchasing considerations, Canadian diamond jewellery often out-performs their international counterpart at comparable prices.

    Ethically Sourced

    All Canadian diamond site holders must adhere to the Kimberley Process which ensures that all employees are ethically treated in the mining process.

    Environmental Protections

    Site holders work closely with the government of the North West Territories to ensure that all mining efforts meet strict environmental guidelines, making your Canadian diamond eco-friendly.

    Supporting Canadian Industries

    When purchasing a piece of Canadian diamond jewellery, you are supporting a Canadian industry that has made a commitment to work with local governments and provide employment and training opportunities to Indigenous peoples.