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    Diamond Engagement Rings

    Engagement Rings for Women.

    The day she says “YES” to the man she loves, is the happiest day of a woman's life. It's one of her dreams come true. Apart from the thought of spending the rest of her life with one she loves; her engagement ring brings an indescribable joy to her. That's why getting the right ring for your love is very important. Engagement rings for women are one of the most important purchases of a man’s life. Believe it or not the thought of making her a part of this journey to choose a ring or to just surprise her is a big decision. You want to be certain that the ring you choose will be the one she adores.

    Things to put into consideration when choosing an engagement ring for your fiancé to be.

    Her Preference.

    Ask yourself. Is she a white gold or a yellow gold kind of a person? I know it's generally believed that women love diamonds but there are several women who would pick gemstones over diamonds. So be sure to know if she prefers a ring like Kate Middleton with a Sapphire, another gemstone center or she loves that big solitaire diamond.

    Her Preferred style.

    Some couples talk about the engagement ring and also visit jewellery stores to get ideas on trends and styles. She would get attracted to the women’s engagement ring showcase when in the jewellery store and may look at some styles, ask questions and may also try some rings. She may look at all kinds of different women’s engagement ring styles ranging from simple solitaires which are classics to more modern looking with halos, side accent diamonds and carvings on the band. She may also look at some vintage styles with cushion cut diamonds. All these are good hints for a man to understand her taste and preference for that special ring.

    Her Choice.

    Men need to know her choice if she likes diamonds or gemstones and in case of gemstones, knowing which one is very important. If she wants a Diamond Engagement ring, knowing the shape and 4C’s are critical. 4c’s stand for the Diamond Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. In addition to round, diamonds come in different fancy shapes like oval, princess and marquise. Most women focus on the size of the center diamond or the solitaire as it makes the ring stand out and makes a statement. Knowing her likes will help you make the perfect decision.

    Your budget.

    When choosing engagement rings for women, one should plan and buy within their budget. I know she's the best thing to happen to you, you love her dearly and want her to have the best, but you don't have to run into debt. Your life is just starting and there are many more milestones you need to achieve. Smart choices are available using the deferred no interest financing options.

    There is no best way of shopping for an engagement ring. With so many choices and styles available it is always difficult to narrow down and choose that one perfect ring which she loves. Some also choose an engagement set to save themselves the trouble of shopping for a matching wedding band later. Most trending now is to have a custom engagement ring for women made with all her creative input for her to enjoy that unique ring which will be her statement of style and elegance.